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W. Weather indicator: exclusively


W. Duration: about 3h30 (or 2h30 if      departure out of the Brooklyn Bridge - step 7)

W. thematic: an amazing view

          of the skyline

W.   Brooklyn route

Welcome to Brooklyn.

In addition to crossing the bridge which is an essential stopover in New York for its beauty, its view and its history, this route will introduce you to the Brooklyn Borough through two radically different neighborhoods: Brooklyn Heights and DUMBO.

As you travel through Brooklyn Heights, dubbed America's First Suburb, you'll visit a residential, historic, rather conservative neighborhood.

While exploring DUMBO, you will discover a former industrial district which has now become the district of startups and companies geared towards new technologies.

These neighborhoods nevertheless have one exceptional point in common: their view of Manhattan.




W.   Testimonial

"J ai eu la chance de décivrir New York en famille en testant la formule family way. Une approche qui permet à chacun de s y retrouver. Une visite guidée mais active, ludique et instructive, avec des lieux parfois secrets, insolites ou must see. Raphaëlle nous permet ainsi de découvrir de façon idéale New York où elle vit depuis 3 ans en famille.

Anne accompagnée de 6 enfants de 6 à 14 ans


if you want to stay

longer in

the district and benefit from additional addresses

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